Do you deliver overseas?

Yes, in addition to France, we deliver to Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg/Portugal and the USA.

How much does shipping cost?

Please consult our shipping page for pricing.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Your order will be sent 1 to 2 working days after confirmation. Delivery estimates are as follows:
  • Delivery in France: Between 3 and 5 days
  • Delivery in European Union: 3 to 8 days
  • Delivery in the USA: 4 to 6 weeks

After this period, if you have not received your package, you can write to us at

I have just placed an order, but I have not received the confirmation e-mail. Is this normal?

Please check your spam or junk mail. If you still haven't received it, please contact us at contact@secretwinedoor.com

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

My order arrived damaged, what should I do?

If your order arrives damaged from transit, please reach out to us at contact@secretwinedoor.com and include a photo so we can follow up.

I received a Secret wine door gift card, can I use it to purchase wine?

Our gift cards are only valid for wine tasting experiences.

Questions about the Wine club?


What are the order cut-off dates?

The following cut off dates apply to new subscribers, note you only need to subscribe once to continue receiving the boxes every 3 months. The below date means that you need to subscribe before this date to receive the proposed box.

  • Summer box - June 1st
  • Thanksgiving box - September 1st
  • Holiday season box - December 1st
  • Easter box - March 1st

E.g: If you subscribe on the 2nd of June, you will receive the Thanksgiving box in October.

How often are the boxes sent?

Our boxes are sent every 3 months. The only exception is the Thanksgiving box which is sent in October and not September due to the heat. See below the calendar:

  • Easter box - dispatched on March 3rd
  • Summer box - dispatched on June 3rd
  •  Thanksgiving box - dispatched on October 15th (dependent on the heat)
  • Holiday season box - dispatched on December 3rd


When will I receive my 1st box ?

Your box will be sent on the date indicated above and depending on your location, you can expect to receive it within: 

  • Europe: About 7 working days
  • USA: Around 3 weeks

You will receive an email with the tracking details of your box, once it has been shipped.

Why is there a 4.5 month gap between June and October whereas I am charged in September?

I do not ship wines to the USA during the summer months due to the heat and to avoid any spoilage of your wine. Shipment resumes when the heat reduces to ensure your wines are in the perfect condition!


I want to unsubscribe. How should I proceed? 

To unsubscribe, go into your personal account and click on “manage subscription” and “cancel subscription”.

I just placed an order, but I did not receive the confirmation email. Is this normal?

Please check your spam or junk mail, it is possible that the email is hidden there.


I can't access my account

Please use the email address you entered when you registered, and click on "My Account" and then "Lost Password" to reset your password.

If nothing happens, send a message to: contact@secretwinedoor.com


I forgot my password

Click on "My Account" then "Lost Password". You will receive an email to change it. You can change it at any time by going to "My account" then "account details".



When will I be charged?

You will be charged on the first cut off date (of the next box) and not on the day you subscribed. Reminder of the cut off dates:

  • Summer box - June 1st
  • Thanksgiving box - September 1st
  • Holiday season box - December 1st
  • Easter box - March 1st


What are the different payment methods?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express


I changed my credit card, what should I do?

You can update your banking information at any time on your account in the top right “sign in”, when signed in, click on “manage subscription” and “see more details”. At the bottom of the page you will be able to change the payment details  by clicking on “Edit”



Where do you deliver?

  • Europe: Germany/ The Netherlands/ Spain/ Italy/ Belgium/ Luxembourg/ Denmark/ Portugal/  France (Mainland France only Excluding Corsica and DOM TOM
  • USA except the following states: Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, Utah, Virgin Island, Hawaii and Alaska


How much is the delivery cost for my subscription?

The cost of delivery is included in the total price of each subscription box, for your information: 

  • France: 280.2€
  • Europe: €285.2€
  • US: 399€


    Can I change my delivery address?

    You can modify your delivery address anytime directly in your account, click on the top right “sign in”, when signed in, click on “manage subscription” and “see more details”. At the bottom of the page you will be able to change the shipping address under “Product Shipping Info”.

    Remember to change the address before the next box is shipped ( the cut off date).


    Return and refund

    A problem? It happens! We invite you to send us an email to contact@secretwinedoor.com specifying your order number and your email address.

    If your wines arrived damaged during the transit, please notify us as soon as possible by sending a photo to contact@secretwinedoor.com  and we will find a solution! If the box is notably damaged on arrival, you should notify the delivery driver in person.

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